Information on membership application can be obtained by emailing the Club at



Membership at the Victoria Recreation Club offers members a home away from home, a place where adult members can relax in a natural environment, enjoy quality time with family and friends, children can play and explore the natural grounds, everyone can enjoy the ocean and water sports of all types.

The club offers a general membership, Sporting membership and boat, personal watercraft storage.

Entrance Fee :

Associate Member                                            $30000
Junior Member (18-28)                                       $4500
Sporting Member                                               $6000

Subscriptions (Subject to revision) :

Associate Member                                            $1300 PER QUARTER
Spouse Member                                                 $450 PER QUARTER
Junior Member (18-28)                                     $1000 PER QUARTER
Child Member (5-17)                                          $160 PER QUARTER

Boat storage :  

Class C                                                    HK$500 (OC1 / Surf-ski)
Class D                                                    HK$500 (Plastic / inflatable kayak)